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l always try to write about the fundamental truth. l Try to expose oppression,persecution,the war against women,culture of death,terrorism,war on Christianity,selfish politicians,human trafficking,radicalism and those fanatics who hate our American dream and our freedom.The older l get the bolder l get in pursuing my mission.Jalal Michae Sabbagh.

(Today the many are trying desperately to “bury” the truth in the dust of their rhetoric,lies,deceits,ignorance, and apathy out of fear and weakness.

Precious Freedom ! / As Life Itself ! / Thanksgiving.

On this thanksgiving day we should be thankful for being the luckiest people on the face of this planet.Because we are enjoying our unique freedom in this gracious , beautiful and blessed America.People around the world who are oppressed are striving and dreaming to have 1% of the freedom we have .The saddest thing is the many take this freedom for granted. Millions upon millions are seeking to come to America ,they have to wait five years or longer to be eligible to obtain an emigrant visa.We have to be grateful for our service men and women our real heroes and heroines who protect our freedom.They deserve our gratitude every day.May the Lord bless America and those who truly L o v e A m e r i c a .H a p p y T h a n k s g i v i n g . Jalal Michael Sabbagh.