American service men and women ! / Honor And Respect.

They fought more than one war during the last 60 years.Their sacrifices gave hope, life and freedom to the countries they liberated in the West, East, or in the Middle-East. They deserve to be honored every day. The American soldiers will give from their own ration to feed those who are hungry. They heal the wounded; they help the needy and give hope to the hopeless. Without them we would if been living in a world of misery, unjust, and chaos. If it wasn’t for the American soldiers the world would  be governed  by the fascists, communists, and terrorist. Every American soldier deserves our gratitude. We should never forget the wounded, the disabled and the sick. God bless Our American service men and women ,the real heroes and heroines and God bless America.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh -h ttp://