Happiness ! / No More Dismay.


l wish l have a thousand hearts to love everyone lives on this planet of ours.

l wish l could sing on their beats an affectionate tone to open every closed seal.

l wish l can wipe off everyone’s sorrows and tears ,might help the wounds to heal.

l wish l can invent a wondrous mean to change despair to hope , misery to joy,

Enmity to friendship , distance to closeness , resentment to acceptance and likeable .

l wish l can find a remedy to cure the lonely , the depressed , the addict and the ill.

l wish l own that magic wand to touch everyone to forget the hurt they feel.

l wish l can convince those who doubt the human goodness  is alive and real.

That there is an end for everything ,that we are pilgrims on a journey ‘s will .

(( Wishes do come true if we have faith.If we have faith we can move mountains to be planted in the s e a .))

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