We Are The Master Of Our Destiny !!!

This post was my comment on a young ambitious lady’s post. A Mother of three little kids .She wants to achieve her dream in the world of designing .She wants to  start her own business.My son who is an English teacher just got his master degree in English literature .His wife also a mother of three young kids aged 10 , 9 , and 30 months  old, was  encouraged to get her Master degree in History .I and my wife helped my son and his wife by babysitting for our granddaughter the 30 months old.This coming November our daughter in law will get her master degree .She is also a history teacher.

When l and my wife were raising our children l always wanted to study music and to learn how to play the (( OUD  / an Arabian Mandolin )) .After 25 years l fulfilled my dream.l went back to college . l studied music for 3 years  and spend countless hours practicing . Now when l play my instrument l feel ,there is nothing called impossible yet. We are the only ones who know what is the best for ourselves.We are the only ones who can make our dream a reality.We are the only ones who can help ourselves. We are the master of our  D E S T I N Y .

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