The Vows !!! / Renewal.

Vows are made to be kept , honored , cherished , and  remembered  everyday .  Not to be forsaken , broken,  denied  and  forgotten . Beside the wedding vows, l thought of these vows within myself . After all these years they are working like a charm.

One’s life ought not to be measured  by years , but ought to be Measure  by  the beautiful  Moments  Of  Happiness  ,  Jubilation  ,  Achievement  , Success  And  Substance.

If   l  can’t  make  you  laugh  ,

l  will  never  be  the  reason  for  you  to  Cry  .

If  l  can’t  make  you  Glad  ,

l  will  never  be  the  reason  for  you  to  be  Sad .

If  a day  passes  by  without  seeing  you  ,

It won’t count  from  my life’s side  .

Today  ,  Tomorrow  ,  and  Forever,

Until  Fate  our time  D E C I D E  .

WE should  remember  we are mortals ,the day  will  come  when  we have  to  depart  .

I hope  ,whoever  reads  these  words  will  listen  to  his  HEART  .To renew the  Vows  and conquer  the fear and  hesitation .(  Today February 10 is The  Universal  Day  Of  Marriage..)Jalal Michael Sabbagh.