Giving ! / Great Virtue.

l hope people still believe in the magic of a smile.

With a smile a person can overcome sadness.

With patience a person can overcome worries .

With silence a person can overcome trials.

With kind words a person can gain new friends.

THe beauty of a person is not in what he possesses,

It is not in what he has accomplished or done.

The real beauty of a person is in what he gives ,

The others to Change their lives.

(( Wishing you a happy and blessed thanksgiving. ))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh

The Crown Of Wisdom ! / The Ultimate Sacrifice .

Knowing Christ the Lord is the greatest knowledge of all.

Treating the others like oneself is the summon of all virtues .

Dying to defend Liberty and to save others is the Ultimate Sacrifice known.

(( There is nothing on the face of the earth , no law,no faith, no power,

no teaching,no religion,no ideology can justify the killing of an innocent  human being.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh- ))