Unconditional Love .

In our present time ,there is more than one kind of love.

There is love by the mind . when you feel good with someone,

whom you understand ,but your heart does not beats for him,

And your soul does not long for him.

There is a relationship love , when you get used to someone .

You have many small things in common ,exchange thoughts and advises.

There is the love of the heart ,when your heart beats fast when ,

Hear his name , talk to him ,see his picture , miss him ,think about him,

Eager to see him and you feel pain when he is away for some time .

And there is the soul love which is unconditional . timeless , strong ,

Faithful and Embraces all other loves .

Love of soul captures , the mind the heart and the very existence of time.

Our life on this plant is but a journey .Happy are those whos being is

Touched by Love.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh.Mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com