Depression Is An Old Person Holding His Head In His Hands !

Thomas Moore ( 1779-1852 ) the brilliant Irish poet , with great faith and deep insight said.” Depression gives us valuable qualities that we need in order to be full human.It gives us weight when we are too light about our lives . It offers a degree of gravitas . It was associated with the metal lead and was said to be heavy . It also ages us so that we grow appropriately and don’t pretend to be younger then we are. It grows us up and gives us the range of human emotion and character that we need in order to deal with the seriousness of life.”

In classic Renaissance images found in old medical texts and collections of remedies ,  “depression” is  depicted as an old person wearing a broad-rimmed hat , in the shadows holding his head in his hands .

(( ” l believe some times positive things come out of the negative  ones .”     Jalal Michael Sabbagh -  ))