Number Of Years ! / Achievements .

A person’s age ought not to be measured by the numbers of years he been living in the world,but by the number of achievement he accomplished in his life up to the very minute indeed.

A person’s age ought to be measured by the good deeds he made, not by the promises he never fulfilled.

A person’s age ought to be measured by the number of happy events and the successes he gained ,not by the numbers of dreams,illusions or the chances he missed then accepted defeat.

A person’s age ought to be measured by his humane believes ,not by the times he was jubilant for other people’s grieves,tears,suffering and their agony of retreat.

((Heaven awaits those who put a smile on a child’s face and those who wipe the aged ones tears.Jalal Michael Sabbagh- ))

Splendid Feeling ! Universal Love.

Words from the heart to those who are yearning for true love to capture their senses.To those who are befriending sleepless nights waiting for the sunrise to be with the ones they love.To those who are hoping to meet that special one to be their other half ,their other self ,their life’s companions and trusted friend.

Look oh my heart how splendid is the world!
Look how enchanting its with L o v e !
Look at nature’s marvels and behold ,
The skies,the seas the days and nights.
Look at the stars ,at the majestic moon.
Look at the beauty they embrace and hold .
Oh my heart tell me “have you ever seen,
The moon illuminating but for the loving ones,
Who are vigil patiently waiting to hold hands”?
Have you ever seen the zenith of joy ,
Except in those lovers E y e s ?
No more moaning ,no more sorrows no more tear.
Oh my heart we are in love feel the cheer,
Look the whole universe is dancing around us my dear.
(( I wish the followers and the visitors of my blog,all happiness and love.J.M.Sabbagh

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L i e N o t ! / Compassion.

Broken porcelain vases are hard to mend.jms


Lie not,lie not,l saw you together .

Lay aside your synthetic crying,

l began to hate deceptive tears ;

how cheap are they,bluntly trying ?

They are running down from eyes ever lying.

Your tears defy reality and the affair denying.

l heard you yearning ,l watched your gazes,

Fixed upon his face piercing his lips with longing.

Your arms were embracing him madly ,

You kindled a burning fire in my chest,

l felt knives tearing to pieces my waist .

My wild thoughts began to blame me ,

For allowing myself to bless your lies ,

Beside condemning my doubting surmise.

Should l say she didn’t care?

Should l remember how may time you did swear?

Don’t be ashamed ,l am not here you to scare.

l am the one who taught you to love ,

l am here not to blame you or to dare,

l am…

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D o n ‘ t D e p a r t . / (La – Taarhaly)

Blessed are those who devote their lives to find cures for the irremediable diseases.


If happiness was a garden ,

l would if picked it’s most gorgeous ,

Flowers and gave them to you.

If wishes were made of pearls ,

l would if dived every ocean through.

l would collected them where ever they grew,

A thousand necklace and bracelet made for you.

Where health dwells ,l wish l  knew.

l would if traveled the world over ,

like a bird l would flew,

Over the deserts,mountains and valleys

so your  illness will  undo .

If there was a bank loaning days,

l would if pledged my whole life

and what ever l posses too,

l would if borrowed more than few.

So l can make all your dreams come true.

At least our vows we would renew.

Even my eye’s tears are  praying

there might be a new breakthrough.

Oh fate don’t deprive me of her,

l don’t want to be left…

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Heart To Heart ! / Love Springs !( We were created to be happy.)

A passage from my book the S I L E N C E .( My thoughts and hopes through the journey of life.)

My words and my thoughts might not enrich the world’s  library or add  a new thing to it’s treasures,but it might hopefully give someone a fresh idea or inspire someone to face his problems ,handle anxiety and welcome new challenges into his life.l hope my words will aid someone to look at matters with optimism,that his life is the greatest gift he owns and he can conquer his fears,hesitation which prevent from advancing to achieve his ambitions.

l hope my words will give that special individual the encouragement for a brighter tomorrow.They might awaken inside some one the urge to exalt,to revive sweet forgotten memories to relive them again.perhaps someone will find the courage to confess to the one he loves ,how much he or she means to him , it might in return brings him  fulfillment before its too late.

l hope my words will give that husband the impulse to admit to his wife that he loves her and appreciate her being with him in his life .They  might give that wife the incentive to open her heart for her husband and embrace him for his sacrifices.l hope these words will become the key that opens those locked heart ,to let love, forgiveness and mercy invade them.Perhaps they will ease the pain , heal the wounds which were caused by a friend or foe.

With humbleness and gratitude l like to dedicate my words to each reader.I wrote them out of love to guide some one to take the next step.My goal is to achieve a small portion of my mission in life,to be able to light a candle where there  is darkness,to saw joy where there is sadness and to help the helpless.Every one of us has a mission in this life if we  search  for it we will definitely  find it. Try to make someone happy so  happiness might be your reward.Try to wipe out the tears of the others so your tears might be wiped out.Try to help a child for a better tomorrow,heavens  will be yours.Try to lend a hand to the aged ,the orphan and  the widow your reward shall be great.I hope my words will help some one to understand the reason  why we were born in a certain place  and time ?Whenever one of these  hopes come true ,l will feel  that l have achieved my objection. God bless America and God bless you.          I.  L.  A.