T r e a c h e r o u s S u r m i s e !

l wrote  this short ballad in Arabic language and gave it to a well known Lebanese musician to compose it into a song. Here is the English version of the Ballad. l hope  the readers will like it and it will gain their contentment.

I – l thought  you were faithful to our covenant  ,

You will  n e v e r  betray.

You promised to keep it to the last day.

Your angelic innocence deceived me,

So did my madness , but  w h y   ?

II-  How naive my thoughts were ?

How my heart surrendered to your false cry?

You deserve an Oscar  prize ,

You are a veteran actress, ,that l can’t deny.

III-   l wish l never saw you together ,

l wish l was blind in both eyes.,and,

The truth my doubts wouldn’t justify.

l was sincere to the promise ,

But yours was covered with a L I E .

IV – Your greed and obstinacy destroyed,

Our legacy…please ,don’t deny.

Go with him to his world of lust and steamy desires,

Where honesty you can sale and b u y .

V – Tomorrow he will realize you been playing shy.

You will then,live lonely to the day you d i e .

l am cured of my madness and your false love,

N o w  l  c a n   f l y .


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