Tragic Match ! / Final Defeat ! / Socialism..

Capitalism has defeated socialism and communism,

Throughout the ages of history.A lonely socialist Mr.B. Sanders.

Insisting ,that he can win the war against Capitalism and Hilary.

First , he is vowing to defeat Hilary Clinton once for all.

That means he will destroy her  life long dream to become first,

Woman president. Hilary is not democrat, she is Clinton only.

Today Hilary’s # 1 enemy is Bernie Sanders not the republican ,

As she used to say all her life.Americans are witnessing a tragedy.

(( When will the young people study the history of socialism and see for themselves

The evil of socialism and communism? People in North Korea are eating grass  the barks

Of the trees . Socialism is the core of poverty and corruption.Socialism has decimated many nations.))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-