Most Beautiful Thing ! / Opinion .

Most beautiful thing in a man is his Manhood .

Most beautiful thing in a woman is her Jealousy .

Most beautiful thing in a child is his innocence.

Most beautiful thing in the night is its calmness.

Most beautiful thing in an ocean is its Rage.

Most beautiful language in the world is Silence.

Most powerful language in the world is Tears..

Jalal Michael Sabbagh , Mysuccessisoursuccess.

B o n h o m i e ! / From my Published book “The Silence.”

Happiness is heaven,Misery is  earth’s desire.
Happiness is hope,Misery is a sorrowful dire.

My friend,if your words don’t have the sweetness of honey,
And the lavishing redolent of gorgeous F l o w e r s ,
Don’t utter them ,keep them inside for yourself.

They might wound people’s feeling ,
They might be a reason for bitter failure.

If your words don’t console the others ,
If they don’t put a smile on the sad faces,
If they don’t motivate the hopeless .

Keep them for yourself ,don’t say them at all.

Consider your words as if they are precious gems.
Treat them as if they are life saving remedies.

Make them beautiful like a morning breeze and warm kisses.
Even like spring’s affection and blossoms for new L I F E .

Jalal M. Sabbagh-

Silence Of The Night ! / Fairness.

I asked dad what he wishes the most on his eightieth birthday? He said.”l wish my youth can revisit me just for a moment to tell him what time has done to me,all l have left now is waiting for that common friend to visit me.”Dad time is very fair ,he treats everyone equally the rich,the poor,the young and the old.We have to enjoy the time at hand today.(( We can’t change the past but we can learn from it.))((Your success is my success.Jalal Michael Sabbagh. ))

The P r e s e n t ! / A Reflection Of The Past .

Try to make the present time honorable because soon it will become your Past.


These  humble  thoughts   are  a passage  from my published book ((  the Silence  )) . Its undisputed reality that our Present time will become our PAST with every passing moment.Can it (the present) be enhanced with humaneness, real substance , delightful memories , forgiveness , laughter, patience , gratitude , humility , thoughtfulness, love , courage , generosity , sincerity , and self edification ? otherwise regrets , blame, self pity sorrow won’t do any good to correct or to revise the faults or change the inevitable fate , because the train already passed by.

(  Your present will become your past try to make it honorable , let it  shine  like a morning star. ) e.mail–Website.Http://

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Silence Is Gold ! / Necessity.

My book the ,”silence”was published in two version Arabic and English.It contains thoughts , my humble perception of life,why we were chosen to be born in this world ? and the importance of silence in our daily lives.(1) Silence is a precious commodity the many don’t appreciate. (2) Silence expresses determination to safe guard the secrecy that protects fates.(3) Silence is courage,strength,sacrifice, and utmost necessity in certain situations. (4) Silence is a path to spiritual meditation and serenity (5) If talking is weighed with silver silence is weighed with gold.(6) Silence accompanies humans when they are born , asleep and when they depart this plant of ours.