The Age Of Customize ! / Authentic Substance.

The world around us is changing dramatically with lightning speed.More people are becoming so dependable on technology and electronics they are forsaking their humanity aspects.

We are living in an age most things are customized.
Customized clothes by designers to fit the creed,
According to wild desires of certain class and seed.
Everything nowadays is possible with lies and cheat.
Even cars are fashioned with wild features and high speed.
Customized cosmetics ,perfumes and accessories for treat.

Everything is under the finger tips of the E l i t e !
Who wear masks because they can’t write or R e a d.
Plastic surgeries ,facial,nose and lips to smooth the tweed.
Sports are customized to win the prizes with dopes and weed.

Today doctors are customizing babies to improve the b r e e d .
Vegetables and fruits are customized even rice and the wheat.

Can S c i e n c e customize a heart that loves and forgives?
A heart that rejects hate,injustice ,criticism and G r e e d ?
Today its so sad ,appearances is actually everything !
The essence is worthless,the peel is the master of the ring.

Authentic feelings becoming very rare,
The customized age is framed with despair and fear.
Principals, morals are pushed to the very rear.

((Without solid foundation suffering and regrets await the new generations.Jalal Michael Sabbagh. ))

Beauty Of Art ! / Human desire.

l dedicate these thoughts to those who love art and appreciate art in their lives . Art overcomes  Stress , depression , despair and dismay.

The  A r t  that can self excitation for beauty  is  H e a v e n   itself  . The Heaven that mankind dream of since dreaming was ever known  , since Humanity opened the doors for the civilized culture . If  A r t  can control our senses ,our world can escape all destructive behavior and means. The world would be ready to inter a new era to worship what is peaceful , charming , pure , and majestic . The world would be ready to pray and sing praises for the gift of  A r t , where serenity and love meet in the voices which announce new Birth .

(( Everyone who planted the seed and everyone who harvested the crop will celebrate together .  John  4:36 )) (–Http:// )