Poverty Has No Religion , No Homeland ,No Conscience Or Mercy !/ Devastating Epidemic ! / Climate Change Hoax .

The present so called leaders are ignoring world’s poverty .

The most devastating epidemic ,while millions are starving to death;

Everyday and millions are on the verge of losing their own humanity.

Famine ,terrorism , incompetent politicians and Greed are in charge.

These misguided rulers are occupied with false climate  change ,

Using it as scapegoat for their ignorance and failures .

Yet the hungry and the homeless immigrants are fleeing ,

Their countries flooding the world and thousands are drowning in the oceans.

They are trying to reach somewhere to feel safe ,to have a piece of bread and sleep.

Climate change is a shameful  Hoax and  senseless cover up for human trafficking,

Child abuse,honor killing ,fanaticism ,inequality ,and narcissism .

(( When will these clueless politicians and chaos inventors understand that M o t h e r  Nature is taking care of herself for trillions of years long before they were born in existence.????  Enough trading  with the poor people’s  emotions and using scare tactic . Is this climate change another BIG BANG?????? Beside are these politicians  going to live forever to see the results?????))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com