Hail Islam ! / Genocidal Month Of Ramadan ! / Decapitating Little Kids For Not Fasting.

The holy month of Ramadan according to the Muslim faith ,suppose to be a month of fasting,purity of heart,reconciliation,tolerance,prayer,kindness and charity.1.6 billion Muslims world wide revere Ramadan by repenting and turning to their Allah to hear their prayers.Instead,this year Ramadan became the bloodiest month ever.Thousands been obliterated,burned and decapitated by jihadists radicals.Millions of Muslims are refuges and homeless in Turkey and Jordon,many are dying daily ,specially children for lack of health care,living in tents ,sleeping on bear floor and hunger.

The Jihadists aim is to radicalize the Muslim faith with extremism,terror and intimidation . Then they want to declare war against the world and crush Freedom their soul’s enemy.

This week Islamic Jihadists blow up a Shia’t Mosque in Kuwait and killed tens of worshipers and injuring many others..In Tunisia ,Jihadists killed tens of foreign tourists on the beaches.Suicide bombers killed hundreds of innocent people in Somalia,Nigeria,Kenya ,Pakistan and in Afghanistan.In Qurbani a boarder city near Turkey ISIS beheaded 150 Kurds. In  Mosul  /Iraq ,this genocidal mad men decapitated 75 little kids for not fasting in Ramadan. Yet Muslims insist .their religion  is a harmonious one and Ramadan is the holiest month in Islam.

The liberals and the far left democrats refuse to publish any news about the massacres committed by ISIS ,Boko Haram,Al Shabab terrorist gangs.The liberals are trying to build a bridge across the Pacific ocean with their lies and deceits.They are in denial ,believing the world is safe terrorism is decimated according to Mr.B.H.Obama.! The wealthy Arab gulf States are not lifting a finger to help the poor Muslims  and stop the blood shed in the Middle-East.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh — https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com–And your success is my success.