Potentials ! / Reason And Logic.

There are those who are trying to live up to their potentials .

And there are those who only want the easy way out.

Today amid the complexities of the modern life .

Most people feel that they need to leave the basic values ,

Principals , logic , and spirituality outside their lives .

They side with the necessity of making a living at any cost.

No Matter whom they hurt,cheat, deceit or plain sell out.

Today the world which we live in ,trying to separate reason and logic.

The many think they need to accommodate  the progressive age ,

Of technology ,internet and conscienceless is acceptable.

They forget that this approach will devastate the family unity.

Which is the corner stone of successful and  prosperous society .

This approach will leave the door wide open to create chaos .

Which leads people astray,knowing not which path to

Jalal Michael Sabbagh -https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com