Happy Marriage ! /Humble thoughts.

Since l published “our forty fourth anniversary”post on April 24, 2012 ,l been humbled,thrilled and excited by your kind and super wonderful comments which express your truly inner beauty.l been asked more often “how we keep our marriage alive “? “how we do it”?It is not a mystery neither a magical formula that we follow  and it is not living a fantasy.

Happy marriage is a result of many aspects.Faith and commitment are the solid foundation for a successful and fruitful marriage.these are the bases we followed through out the years.l hope heartily these 10 points will help someone .

1-The Lord of peace and passion ,to be the center of your life.

2-The husband and wife ,respect each other even in their worst argument,misunderstanding and fight.

3-Consider themselves as one not two.

4-It helps to have a short memory.(forgive each other instantly,apologize ).

5-Manifest love with deeds,not words.

6-Remind yourself of the marriage vows.

7-Marriage is a partnership,50/50.

8- Say l love you more often, with kisses and hugs.

9-Dont pass by any occasion ,birthday,anniversary ,valentine’s  day.

10-Spend quality time together.

(He who believes in the prince of light ,owns a diamond ,he will never trades it for a piece of a rock…..Jalal Michael Sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com )