For Spacious Skies ! / Beloved America.

America opens her arms to embrace ‘
Those who seek her refuge and equality.

Giving them comfort ,console and liberty .
To the abandoned ,the persecuted and oppressed ,
To soar high even to touch the s k y .

America the generous,the graceful,land of opportunity.
The angels watch over her for her constitution and piety.

Heavens blessed her with richness and with prosperity .

The oceans ,the mountains and the valleys sing her praises.

Those who hate America will live forever shamefully .
Those who love America will live forever with victory.

God bless America now and forever throughout eternity.

(( The American sons and daughters the service men and women gave the ultimate sacrifice to liberate , help and save millions of people around the world without partiality. God bless each and everyone of them. Jalal Michael Sabbagh- ))

Thanksgiving From The Heart.

l just like to take this opportunity to thank and acknowledge every blogger l had the pleasure to get in touch with and to know despite the distances.l thank the Lord for being a part of this vast and fascinating realm of blogging, to discover ,to learn , to touch through thoughts,opinions and comments.With all  sincerity l would like to wish every one of you where ever you are all the blessings the season brings.Happiness,prosperity and may you achieve all your ambitions and dreams.

l am thankful for what l have .l am the embodiment of the American dream.More than a quarter century ago ,l my wife and our daughter arrived  at O ‘hare airport in Chicago .All l had then was a twenty dollar bill.Now  l am grateful for the success ,l and my wife achieved in this great country.We live comfortably .We raised our kids and gave them a good future.We have seven grand kids ,they are our happiness .

Thanksgiving is not about turkey ,food,drinks or having a feast.It is about love and getting together to count our blessing and remember those who are less fortunate .those who been stricken by disasters, those who suffer hunger , pain and injustice.

(your success in my success and my success is your success….Jalal Michael Sabbagh) e.mail.–site.