My Beloved Wife…

My Beloved Wife.After all these years l still see you as l saw you the first time .You are the most beautiful grandmother in the whole world.

The Miracle is    within those who believe  That Love never ages.

jalal michael sabbagh. success is my success and my success is your success.))

God Is The Greatest Mystery ! / A source For Happy Existence.

There is only one true God ,the creator of life.There is one who loves and there is one who is  loved.God loves everyone of us unconditionally . God is,and will remain the greatest mystery in the human ‘s existence  .Countless books are written ,  countless philosophers , theologians ,miracles validate  this truth that God exist and he himself is existence.

Despite all the proofs , there are those who try to deny the truth.Their problem is much worst than their thoughts.They are unable to provide any evidence for their baseless claim.These sightless  accuse God for their misfortune , natural disasters , famines,diseases, and catastrophic events.Yet they justify genocides and massacres.Denying God’s loftiness,his stupendous dignity,his sublime humility and his humble sublimity ,proves one fact God Is God.

I think if Socrates(469-399 B.C) Plato (427-347 B.C0 and Aristotle 384-322 B.C  who knew the existence of the supreme being , who created created the universe , they would been so happy if they were alive at the time of Christ,because he proved them to be  right. Atheists can argue this fact as long as they want but  they can’t deny it.

Christ ‘s incarnation was,is and it will remain the greatest miracle ever.2000 years ago he lived  among us ,he performed many marvels and spoke profound truth.Many departed the world knowing the Redeemer. Many did not.The truth remains victorious.Christ said.” earth and heaven will dissolve, but my words are eternal,many prophets and heralds will come after me ,don’t believe them or follow them.”

For the last 2015 years  the human race has witnessed many false prophets.Many scientific theories  (BIG BANG) and many thinkers like C.Darwin tried  to deceive  the naive and they did.

(He who Knows  in Christ owns  the most precious diamond , he will never trades it for a piece of a rock.Jalal Michael sabbach- your success is  my success.)