The Book .” The Road Less Traveled.” / The Author.”M. Scott Peck .(1936-2005)

The road less traveled is a manifestation ,

Of a new psychology of love , morality ,values,

family unity and real spiritual growth.

Perhaps no book in this generation has had,

A more profound impact on people’s intellectual ,

And spiritual lives than “The Road Less Traveled.”

With sales exceeded more than 10 million copies.

The book was translated into more than 25 languages.

The book is about a timeless message of understanding,

To help people to explore the nature of loving relation ,

And leads them toward a new serenity and fullness of life.

The book invites the reader to change his existence .

The book helps the reader to determine how to distinguish,

Dependency from “Love” and how to become a more sensitive ,

Person and ultimately how to become one’s own true self.

Jalal Michael Sabbach-