A w a r d s And Appreciation.

To be nominated for these awards which l am going to mention soon , in my humble opinion is having won a lotto of recognition and appreciation.The feelings surpasses winning a jack-pot of valuable prizes . Happiness is to know that someone somewhere is thinking of you being worthy of his attention and his kindness.

Emily Guido,  the Author of the Light Bearer Series, an outstanding and gifted novelist and super friend nominated me for the following awards.l do thank her with utmost sincerity for her wonderful gesture which l value from the bottom of my heart.”Emily”,you are truly a dear friend.l wish you and every Blogger happiness and success.
A – Here are the awards l been nominated for.( to be mentioned  by their logo or names)

1 – Kreative Blogger  Award.

2 – Tell me about yourself Award.

3 – Beautiful Blog Award.

4 – The day dreamer Award.

5 – The lovely Blog Award.

6 – Readers appreciation Award.

7 – Inspiring Blog Award.

8 – Very inspiring Blogger Award.

9 – The lucky me Award.

10 – Most inspiring Blog Award.

B – The rules are.1 – Mention the awards or their logos. 2 – Thank the person who nominated you. 3 – Provide 7 random facts about yourself.4 – Nominate 7 blogs,and let them know you have done so.

C – Here are the 7 random aspects about myself.

1 – l love to cook and try new recipes.

2 – l drink a glass of orange juice in the morning.

3 – l go to the gym 5 times a week.

4 – l donate my spare time to charity work.

5 – l am a member of the Knights of Columbus .(an organization which provides help to the mentally challenged children).

6 – My favorite dish is fish.Salmon,Pacific Cod and Tilapia.

7 – l love to travel.My next cruise is to Alaska.

D – l love to nominate the following  7 Blogger.Much success to every one of them.

1- W.S. Johnson @ http://gravatar.com/wsj2day

2 – Reema Siddiqui @ http://gravatar.com/reemasidz

3 – The pen hand at http://gravatar.com/bouncesi

4 – Jill Carroll at http://gravatar.com/jillcarrollbayoublood

5 – John J. Rigo at http://gravatar.com/wordsuponmystone(TexasPoetry)

6 – Md.Alsanda at http://gravatar.com/alsanda

7 – Joflyn M. Khapra at http://gravatar.com/jmkhapra

(without encouragement there is no improvement or creativity.To encourage someone is to open the doors of the future for him to succeed,excel and achieve his ambitions…Jalal michael sabbagh) God bless America the land of the free and the home of the brave.God bless the peace maker.(Your Success Is My Success And My Success Is Your Success) (e.mail.jmsabbagh86@gmail.com) http://mysussessisyoursuccess.wordpree.com