Happy Birthday ! / L o v e .

Every year and you are the queen of my heart

Every  year  and  you  are  my  love  my  life.

Happy birthday , my world  my  sweetheart.

Happy birthday my other half and my friend.

l don’t say it only on your birthday once a year.

But  l  say  it  everyday  in one  million  way.

My words convey my heart’s affection and passion

You  are  the  sun  for  my  days .

You  are  the  moon  for  my  nights.

You are in my daily prayer , to have ,

Happiness ,healthy life crowned with hope,

To have many many more birthdays my love .

For l still see you like l saw you for the first time.



(( My sincere gratitude and heartily thanks for the 3600

Followers and friends of my blog,and  to everyone visits the blog. ))

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