D o Y o u L o v e M e ?/ Precisely / The Formidable Question .

When the Lord , or your father, your spouse  , your mother, your friend , your brother , your sister , your children , your neighbor or even a distanced relative or a total stranger a s k  you ,” do you love me ?” probably your answer will be simultaneously positive , ” yes l love you.” What good is it your answer if your words are just coming out of your mouth not from your heart and not accompanied by real deeds to assure your sincerity  ? .What  good is it  your ” Yes ” if you treat those who are asking you like null,like something worthless or even like a waste?.If you are unfaithful to them , you never appreciate them , never spend quality time with them , if you don’t show them your hidden side , you never open your heart and confess to them your real feelings towards them ,what good is it your ” Yes l love you ” ? everyone of us has his own imperfection ,failures and doubts  being untrue to ourselves some times and to the other most of the times . It is hard to live a  lie   hiding  behind  an  illusion of being invisible ,trying to convince yourself you don’t need the others  that you can live in your own self made world.But remember ,the world doesn’t need you .You do need the world.

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