Blissful Oneness !

We danced by the shore last night .
The ocean’s waves were the symphony .

The sands were shining with moon’s light.
We were holding hands tenderly so tight.

With sweet yearning our breath mingled together,
Her fragrance reached my whole being even my soul.

l felt time is not existence any more ,
l felt so happy never in my life before.

Since my eyes caught her captivating sight,
All my fantasies became content with reality.
Like a huge dazzling star l saw E t e r n i t y .

Jalal M.Sabbagh –

Frohliche Weihnachten – Joyeux Noel – Feliz Navidad – Milad saeed – Sadiket Shnor havor ella – Merry Christmas.And have a wonderful new 2015.Thanks from the heart to all my blog’s 2850 followers and to everyone who visit my humble Site.