Sanity ! / Cessation !/ Love And Peace.(Post # 888)

Where there is love , there is peace.

Where there is no love , there is no peace.

All efforts for reconciliation definitely cease.

In our human terms everything based on yours and mine.

Peace , people absolutely failed to understand or define.

When did the world witnessed sanity reign ?

Without honest intentions solutions won’t have a spine.

The many tried to plant the seeds time after time .

But the wicked ones pluck them out of blind greed.

Those who supposed to be the leaders badly failed.

When did humanity lived in peace my friend ?

Promises which are not kept can’t be mend .

Morals and values by the many are deformed.

Even , the Lord of life been pushed to the rear end.

((Will people think to change ,or they will keep doing the same thing ? ))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-