Cup Of Coffee And Cup Of Chamomile Tea ! (Post # 582)

Since Hilda and l got married we promised each other to spend some time together,

Just she and l at the end of the day.

Now the kids are all grown up and married .We still keep the promise.

l fix a cup decaf coffee for me and a cup chamomile tea for her.

We sit on our chairs in the backyard next to the Kumquat tree ,

Which l named Hilda ,by the swimming pool at sunset time.

We watch the orange colored sky as the sun goes down ,then we see ,

The stars come out like lamps to brighten the universe .

For an hour or two.We share stories and memories,how the Lord is kind.

Then Hilda says,thank you for the tea and l say thank you for being there ,

for me for all these beautiful years.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-