The American Service Men And Women .(True Patriotism )

They fought many wars during the last 95 years.( WWI,WWII, the Korean war,the Vietnam war,the Desert storm war, the Iraq war and the Afghan war )Their sacrifices gave hope,life and freedom to the countries they liberated in the West,in Asia and in the Middle – East .They deserve our gratitude ,respect and honor ever day of our lives.

The American soldiers will give part of their own ration to feed the hungry.They heal the wounded , help the needy and give hope to the desperate.With out them we would if been living in a world of misery , injustice and chaos.Any one who oppose me let him read the recent history of the wars which our brave American soldiers fought. If it wasn’t for the American soldiers ,the world would be governed by Fascists, Communists and fanatic terrorists.Every American soldier and Veteran  deserve our thankfulness.We should never forget the wounded , the disabled the sick and their families sacrifices. We enjoy our freedom because of their bravery and their patriotism.The navy seals who eliminated the head of Al Qaeeda  deserve a statue to be erected  in their honor in  every freedom loving country around the world.

God bless The American soldiers and God bless America.(everybody’s success is my success and my success is everybody’s success)