Most Beautiful Thing ! / Opinion .

Most beautiful thing in a man is his Manhood .

Most beautiful thing in a woman is her Jealousy .

Most beautiful thing in a child is his innocence.

Most beautiful thing in the night is its calmness.

Most beautiful thing in an ocean is its Rage.

Most beautiful language in the world is Silence.

Most powerful language in the world is Tears..

Jalal Michael Sabbagh , Mysuccessisoursuccess.

Oblivion ! / Longing.

Who doesn’t long for a world that is worries free?
A world that distances you from this reality.

Takes you to another world of oblivion.
Where you can live your dreams ,to love and to be loved.

Where affection and beautiful senses are common for everyone.
A world where happiness reigns ,where everybody is safe.

No despair , no spite , no sadness,no enmity or jealousy .
Is there such place anywhere my friend ?

Only you can respond ,once you look deep,
Inside your mind, the true answer you might find.

J.M. Sabbagh-

To Hurl Rocks ! / Fruitfulness.

When l was in college in Baghdad-Iraq, my best friend came to visit me at the student’s center.His face was pale .Immediately l knew from his features,that he was very upset and sad.

l asked him.” What was wrong”?He began to tell me that many of the fellow students are criticizing him harshly and trying very hard to find false faults with his achievements,for no reason.

My friend was an A+ student, very bright, ambitious and decent.He had won many awards from many academies for his unique poems.He kept asking me,”Why,why,why.”?


Those who are with unstable mentality ,criticize the SUCCESSFUL  out of jealousy,envy and dismay.Because their innermost torturing them for being failures , for their laziness and their ignorance.IGNORANCE  is a deadly Virus,but some people are infested with it.Their ENVIRONMENT is diseased with Hate, Anger,and Revenge.The situation is the same in every Society on Earth.There are those who LOVE, and there are those who hate,there those who Build and there are those who destroy.There those who heal and there are those who wound.
((A person ought to respect and love himself first then to be able to love and respect the others.))((The fruitful will remain fruitful and the fruitless will remain fruitless.jalal Michael Sabbach.