Every Plate Overflows With What It Contains.

Mr.Obama ,on Wednesday ,September 10,2014 you said in your speech .” ISIS” is not Islamic.”What is ISIS then? Are you an Islamic theologian ? Please tell us what is the religion of ISIS then? What are these thugs believes.? If they are not Muslims,tell us what are they. These Radicals, extremist,barbaric murderers ,they have a religion .When they behead their enemies they shout .”Alllah Waa AKbaar.” They pray 5 times a day.You still say they are not Islamic?

The latest poll shows that you are 55% divider and 35% uniter and 65% you are indecisive.You remember when Travon Martin was shot you said.”it could be my son,or even me.” When James Foley the American journalist who was beheaded by ISIS you said nothing and went back to enjoy your vacation and to play golf. Is James not your son ,you are supposed to protect the American citizens.

Your Muslim advisers in your disoriented administration told you what to say,because they themselves deep inside love ISIS and approve what ISIS is doing.You said America is not at war with ISIS but Mr.John Kerry said the contrary .Marie Harf is not certain what you said or what john Kerry said.She even doesn’t know that you got the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 for your apology trip..

Today 9/13/2014 ISIS beheaded the British citizen David Haines,did you watch the news?Your ” no strategy plan still in effect”.We are not at war with ISIS”.There should be 5000 European and American jet fighters raining BOMBS on ISIS 24 hours a day NONE STOP.THEY(ISIS) DECLARED WAR ON AMERICA WHEN THEY BEHEADED 2 AMERICAN CITIZEN.((WEAKNESS BEGETS DEFEAT.))  The Arab  are lost they are afraid  and will remain silent,because they created this plague of extremism.http://mysuccessiisyoursuccess.wordpress.com