To See , Is To Believe ! / The Best Version.

Graciousness , trust , kindness , love

And forgiveness are intangible things .

They can’t be given as gift cards .

They can’t be purchased at any store,

Or through the many internet shopping sites .

The world with it’s advanced technology,

Wit , can not produce “Trust” , pull out,

Kindness, love or passion from the computer.

As human ,we have very limited ability .

We can’t perceive God’s infinite wisdom.

We can’t see his unconditional love for us.

Heaven can’t be bought by anyone,then handed

over to some one who is dear to you.

We can not see our souls or our conscience .

Yet they are their , they are ours , we know.

I hope every one read this post will search within,

Himself and renew his promises to himself to be,

The Best Version Of Himself from this moment on.

(( My gratitude and appreciation to everyone who follows or visits my blog .))

Jalal MIchael Sabbagh–