The 100th. Anniversary Of The Armenian Genocide ! /4-24-1915 / 4-24-2015

On April 24,1915 the whole civilized world turned it’s back on the most horrific and inhuman genocide the mankind ever witnessed.The Ottoman empire,(Present Turkey) under the leadership of Young Turkey regime, a fanatic Islamic party members committed mass massacres ,they obliterated one and a half million helpless Armenians for being Christians .

The West kept silent and became blind for not helping the Armenians.My wife’s parents and my parents were among the survivors of the genocide.They witnessed the horror of despair and injustice in their very young ages for being neglected and forgotten by the world.

Today we are witnessing more devastating genocides being carried out by barbaric Islamic extremists.In Pakistan tens of Christians were killed in their church.In Kenya 147 Christen students were killed in their university .In Nigeria hundreds of Christian girls were kidnapped raped and killed.In Iraq ,Syria,Yemen ,Libya ,the heinous  Islamic state thugs are committing savage genocides every day.

United Nations, Europe and the USA are ignoring these massacres.It seems the world is back in 1915, dead conscience , hearts of stones and weak , incompetent leaders.

Today , April 18 ,2015 a magnificent memorial was unveiled in Pasadena /California,(the corner of Walnut and Raymond st.) to commemorate the 100th.anniversary of the Armenian genocide.My wife and l were among a multitude of Armenians to witness this historic and triumphant event.We sang ,we prayed and we cried remembering those who died holding to their Christian faith.

The Prime Minster of Turkey denies that the Armenian Genocide ever happened.Iran’s Mullahs and Imams are denying the holocaust ever happened too.Yet Mr.Obama and his untrustworthy advisers want to deal with Iran , later,¬† probably very soon to build it’s Atom Bomb.

Shame on those American politicians Present and Past who promised to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide while they were Running for the White House but when they won the election they denied their promise . France is the only super power in the world which acknowledges the Armenian Genocide .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh –


Equality ! / Persecuting The Women.

The new testament stresses clearly :” There is neither Jew nor Greek ,neither bond or free,there is neither male or female,for ye are all one in the sight of the Lord ,God the creator.(Gal.3:28)

When a man and a woman are united in holy matrimony both of them become one no more two ,equal to each other.Muslim scholars insist that 1 man is equal to 2 women .They stone the adulteress but they set the adulterer free.A Muslim man can divorce his wife randomly ,but the wife is forbidden to divorce her husband.Any religion upholds such injustice is not a merciful religion.

A religion that diminishes a person’s humanity its a religion with no ethics.A religion that oppresses , persecute women and treats them as 3rd. 4th. 5th.class citizen is an enslavement.The Islamic religious men use” Sharia” as an effective weapon to control women specially in Saudi Arabia,Afghanistan.These fanatics know very well if women rise to power their superiority ,and prestige will be abolished.

Christianity insist on the value an autonomy of the individual and the importance of every soul in the sight of the true God.Christianity declares plainly that piety and good deeds outranks wealth ,power and noble birth. The slave may freed by his master,the slave may free himself of his unbelief by embracing a true faith.

Only woman ,today in the Middle-East and Muslim societies is viewed irredeemable,its fixed in her inferiority . A blind hypocrisy beyond imagination.

Lifeless Conscience ! / Emigrants ! / Betrayal ! / Traffic jam.

(( I )) We are a nation of emigrants.99% are descendants of emigrants from all over the world.They came to seek freedom, achieve their ambitions and be part of the American dream.

(( II )) America won’t be America if we don’t speak up our minds ,defend what is good and right .Defeat what is wrong and injustice.

(( III )) Mrs.Hilary Clinton’s profound self expressed statements are.(Shame on you Obama 2008) and ( What difference does it make) post the barbaric terrorist attack on 9-11-2012 in Ben-Ghazi-Libya ,on the American Embassy.(It was an attack on the USA)These statement gave dismay and betrayal a new dimensions.

((IV ))The mainstream media (the fanatic liberal ,progressives and the far left democrats)gave homage to Mrs.Hilary yesterday.They bestowed on her every epithets of greatness known to the yellow journalism for achieving nothing in her life except standing by her man.The bias liberal reporters are more concerned about Hilary’s health and well being more than why she failed to provide the necessary protection for our heroes who were massacred in the terrorist attack.The victims families are begging Hilary and Obama to tell them the truth not the cover up and use lies.

(( V )) The liberal media is more concerned about traffic jam than why our Ambassador Chris Stevenson was abandoned to die with his companions under the blind watchful eyes of Mrs.Hilary Clinton.

(( VI ))Monica Lewinsky had more finesse than Hilary Clinton.Monica told the truth about her affair with Bill Clinton while Hilary lied to protect her selfishness and her future political ambitions.A person with dignity and morals won’t idolize and glorify her.

(( VII )) 90% of the American know very well that the liberals politicians in Washington worship their power seats,love egomania personalities .The liberals won’t be in power forever ,who hired them can definitely fire them very soon.(Jalal Michael Sabbagh. l respect and cherish the 1880 followers of my blog and those who visit it.