Ingenuity ! / Reflections.

Creativity of the people reflects the culture of their nation.

when five Chines get together they project a wise quote.

When five Japanese get together they invent a new device .

When five American get together they build  a new enterprise.

When Five French get together they write a book.

When five Austrian get together they compose a symphony.

But ,when five Arab get together they form five sects.

They constitute five sets of  rules.Each one of them ,

Declares himself to be the supreme leader.

Soon they oppose each other and become enemies.

They start an  arm race and fight each other to the end.

(( Arab and Muslim countries don’t want to live a happy peaceful life.

Sunni Muslims been Killing Shia’t Muslims,and Shia’t Muslims been Killing

Sunni Muslims for the last 1400 years.Islamic ideology hates love,peace and freedom.))

Jalal Michael sabbagh -