House Of Scandals , Conspiracies And Masquerades !

Immature league of incompetents took over,
The house which people dearly love and respect.

These false dreamers turned it to a house of,
Scandals, defacing the facts and masquerades .

They hurled the ethics out of the window on the street,
Then invited cheat,lies,deceit inside to compete.

A travesty is taking place on the center stage,stand-up
Comedians and fortune tellers are regulars at the gate.

The house lost it’s prestige and it’s sovereignty.
l never thought the day will come to see fame seekers,
Out of the blues occupy the H O U S E O F D I G N I T Y .

(( Please Lord protect the people’s House ,the symbol of freedom,democracy and equality.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh- ))

Ultra Liberal Democrats ! / S e m i t e .

” Nowadays most progressives,the far left socialists and the liberal democrats are like a SEMITE.Despite he is immersed up to his eyelashes in dirty mud,he still tries to look up the stars of the skies.” J.M.Sabbagh

(( The majority of Washington incompetent politicians are beyond being insolent .They refuse to take responsibility for their mistakes and their false promises.Yet, with utmost audacity they obliterate the facts which are well known to the Americans, beside they betray the oath they took to protect the Constitution. ))