D o n ‘ t D e p a r t . / When A Friend Lost His Soul mate.

If happiness was a garden ,

l would if picked it’s most gorgeous ,

Flowers and gave them to you.

If wishes were made of pearls ,

l would if dived every ocean through.

l would collected them where ever they grew,

A thousand necklace and bracelet made for you.

Where health dwells ,l wish l  knew.

l would if traveled the world over ,

like a bird l would flew,

Over the deserts,mountains and valleys

so your  illness will  undo .

If there was a bank loaning days,

l would if pledged my whole life

and what ever l posses too,

l would if borrowed more than few.

So l can make all your dreams come true.

At least our vows we would renew.

Even my eye’s tears are  praying

there might be a new breakthrough.

Oh fate don’t deprive me of her,

l don’t want to be left in this world alone ,

What good is it to exist,

And she is not around.

Blessed are who devote their lives to find cure for the irremediable disease..jmsabbagh86@gmail.com (https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com)

(He who believes in the prince of light ,owns a Diamond.He will never trades it for a rock…Jalal Michael Sabbagh)