The Book . ” The Four Loves. “/ The Author.”C.S.Lewis.” (1898-1963)

“” True humility is not thinking less of yourself ,

It is thinking of yourself less. “”

C.S. Lewis published his book the four loves in 1961,

Two years prior to his death.

God’s love , Mother’s love , Father’s love ,

And the love of a total stranger unconditionally is ,

Reflected by God’s generosity to give love ,the ability

To conquer all negative feelings and emotions .

God’s love for humanity is the core of Christian faith.

A person needs to love first , to be loved .

To love is like giving water to a thirsty person in a desert.

When a human understands what love is ,

He is transformed into a new creation .

A manifestation , to see life like a blooming

spring all the time without cessation .

(( Humbleness is not Humiliation as the many  might think ,

Humbleness is the greatest virtue ,mentally and spiritually .

J.M.Sabbagh- ))