Fyodor Dostoevsky 1821 – 1881 / Hope Is The Essence For Fruitful Life.

The brilliant Russian spiritual author , thinker, outlined

The secret for a prude happy and fruitful successful life.

He sumened all these qualities in one profound quote .

“” Without Hope Life Ceases.”” Fyodor Dostoevsky is well ,

Known for his many books specially his prize winning books .

“” Crime and Punishment.””The Brothers Karamazouv “” Which

Became a famous Hollywood Movie.Fyodor exposed the human ,

Anguish , morals and behaviors.He wanted to direct the reader,

to live a life of honesty , Transparency to the point being “Utopian”

Fyodor , always promoted the virtue of acceptance , to treat the others ,

as equals with clear conscience,first and foremost he wanted people

To appreciate life itself .He wanted the new generations to love and

Respect spirituality and reject Violence.

“”How beautiful it is to celebrate each other’s success.Jalal Michael sabbagh.