O u r A n n i v e r s a r y . / My beloved Hilda.

l like to dedicate these words to every lucky couple everywhere who are celebrating their wedding anniversary.Hoping they will reignite the torch of their passion and bring back sweet memories and relive them  again.

My beloved ,what should l give you on our anniversary .?

A diamond ring , a ruby necklace or an emerald bracelet .?

l don’t endear seeing bands around your wrist.

Should l give you flowers , perfumes , or golden silk from the East.?

Or should I make you a crown out of pearls and  Brazilian  jade .?

Your hair is most beautiful crown that l kiss and kissed.

All these things can’t add to your inner beauty even one bit.

Your charisma my dear all my wishes it consists.

I don’t have nothing more precious than my life,

S o   l   g i v e    y o u   m y    l i f e   a s    a   G i f t .

((  Happy are those who been touched by the wand of Love.Who have tasted the sweet nectar of Love once in their life time. )) e.mail /jmsabbagh86@gmail.com