The S a g e Old Farmer !! / Wise Lesson .

A young prince was ridding his horse on his way back to his castle  when he passed by an aged farmer who was planting new fruit trees in his farm . The prince greeted the  old farmer and asked him innocently , ” Are you expecting to reap the fruits of these trees you are planting at your age .” ? The old farmer stood up and answered the prince gently ,” your highness, our fathers planted and we ate ,now I am planting these trees so the future generations will reap and eat their fruits .”

( 1 )   Hopefully the  apathetic officials in our capital will take a lesson   from the old sage to plan for the future generations by wiping out  the heavy load of the deficit and to balance the budged .Other wise the new generation will find nothing to eat beside moaning under a heavy yoke on their shoulders .

( 2 ) Hopefully the parents will do their utmost to lay a solid foundations  for their children’s lives . We the parents decided to have our children ,we choose to bring them to this world .They deserve our unconditional Love, Compassion , Hugs and Kisses 100 time every day so they would become a fruitful individuals like beautiful fruitful Trees.

( 3 )  Hopefully the young people will plan for their future and equip themselves with the necessary tools to face the uncertainty of the future.Not to ignore the lessons of the past and the legacy of those who suffered the agony of defeat and incapability.

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