H e a r t i l y Reminder ! / Mere Mortals ! /Imminent .

In this age of atomic and cosmic advancement , achievement  and modern evolutions ,  G O D   has been pushed to the background ,to the rear  e n d .

Individualism , selfishness , narcissism and atheism are the  putrefaction of the many in our society in nowadays. They are defying decency , fairness,family values and spirituality.

The incomprehensible decline in church attendance  by the many ,to spend quality time with their children ,to face their inner self  and to listen to the creator, is pitiful.

They are worshiping the modern electronics and the internet. The computers are becoming their  other self . These are the  S i g n s   that  the  E N D  of our earthly existence  is  I m m i n e n t

(( God  ardent for the human race to return to his mercy.He is yearning to pardon  us unconditionally so we can soar with joy heavenward .))   Wishing everyone of you ,blissful time and success.  (   jmsabbagh86@gmail.com -http://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress,com )