Infatuation ! / Phoenix.

Love’s affection in the Arabian desert living captivates the deepest senses . Loving a woman transcends the point of worshiping and adoring.

Infatuated poets depict their passion like the phoenix trying to reach the threshold of the skies before he is exhausted ,before he dies.

Their souls seems to be in existence as the vast universe . As long their hearts beat ,as long they are with sentiment filled with love.

A poet is like a sparrow ,but he doesn’t know what the birds lives go through every day.Birds are wanderers despite being free in the fast skies.

A poet suffers the agony of loving a woman who doesn’t loves him or fathom his feelings of hopelessness , remoteness , strangeness

and solicitude .

My love you are not getting nearer,

And l can’t get any closer to you.

I am like a chick in child’s palm .

He can’t perceive the chick’s pain,

When he squeezes her between his fingers.

The chick tastes the bitterness of death,

While he is amused with his game.

He doesn’t know what he is doing or why?

And the chick has no feathers ,

To set herself free and F l y .