An Ocean ! /A Brook !/ Why l Left Iraq And Immigrated To The USA.

Why I Left Iraq And Immigrated To The  United  States  Of America?
Iraq is a Muslim COUNTRY ,its constitution like every Muslim country indicates that Islam is the official religion of the Country and its above the law.(No Human Rights)

As christian l was oppressed , hated , discriminated against .When l graduated with distinction from Baghdad University and was eligible for scholarship to Germany to get my Phd.

l was deprived of my scholarship because l am Christian and the education ministry gave the scholarship to 3 Muslims members of the Baa’th party (The party of Saddam Hussein a branch of the fascist party ).

In iraq and in the Middle-East in general there is hate pigatory ,envy, jealousy discrimination against Christians and against Jews.

Once l got married and we had our first Child l realized that l can not let my children grow up and go through what l went through in a country that values its citizens not for being dedicated , and highly educated to serve their country , BUT for being Muslim Or Being Christian, .Of course The Muslim citizen is # 1 in a Muslim country the rest are 2nd. class citizen..

.We lived in Lebanon for 3 months to get our Visa from the American Embassy .We went through interview after interview , finger print , complete physical check up , paid the hospital 250 dollars and paid 150 dollars each for the Visa.Paid for our flights to Chicago 1200 dollars.

today l see from many people her in this gracious USA not a small brook or small river of Hate, Envy , Discrimination  , Racism , Blind Hypocrisy ,For Which l Left Iraq, But  An Ocean  Of These  Negative Hateful Elements  Against us for being Christians and value the American dream , Family values , decency, working hard., respect the laws and the constitution.

Now our Daughter and our Son have their own families in this great country .l fulfilled my promise not to raise my children in a country where Hate is a religion for some people., Where human life has no value in a region lost its humanity.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh=http://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress,com Sabbagh


Interior Plastic Surgery ! / Natural Beauty.

There are those who desperately have an

Exterior plastic surgery.Having face lift,

Or having corrective beautifying surgery.

They do it for a million reason they invent.

Also there are those who need interior ,

Plastic surgery to reconstruct their,

Hearts and minds to beautify them.

To alter their hate and envy to become,

Love , Kindness, gentleness and decency.

To sever those cells that contain inhuman

Feelings , selfishness and bitter resentment.

The world is in dire need for brilliant surgeons ,

To Change those who thrive on people’s misery.

Jalal Michael

ISIS Radicalism ! / Atrocious Beheading ! / Let The Heavens Cry .

What gave birth to ISIS ? ISIS didn’t descend from M A R S .ISIS is the true reflection of Radicalism .ISIS represents the core of a destructive religious ideology.” To crush whoever opposes the message of hate to establish the Caliphdom they been dreaming of for centuries.

Whoever wants to dispute this reality ought to study the background of ISIS.ISIS is the offspring of the catastrophic Jihadism. First and foremost its a deadly epidemic ought to be confronted by the whole world.
Today ISIS committed the most HIDEOUS act of barbarism by Beheading the American journalist James Foley in the name of their black banners and their Fascist slogans .

James parents just celebrated his 33rd.birthday and were hoping to see him soon.James Foley knew the truth of those who captured him so they executed him according to their religious hateful rituals to silence him.

This atrocious crime tore James parents hearts and minds and stabbed their very soul that will never stop bleeding.We will never forget him ever.ISIS will be defeated for darkness of injustice will vanish once the sun of justice rises.

Since the 7th.century inhuman gangs like ISIS been Promulgating horror,bloodshed and destruction to annihilate the infidels, to rule the world without dispute.This is a reality ONLY the blind and the mindless will deny.

(No religion,law,ideology or earthly power can justify the killing of a human being. )

I n h u m a n A c t !

“” There is nothing can justify the killing of an innocent human being.

No law,no religion not even any earthly power.”” Jalal Michael Sabbagh.

(( Conscienceless , rage , hate , revenge and ignorance had killed more helpless people than all the wars,plagues , epidemics and natural disasters combined known to ))

September 11,2001 Museum! / Infinite Reminder for Humanity-Terrorism A Ruthless Ideology!

Today May 15,2014 the September 11,2001 museum officially opened in ground Zero in New York City to commemorate the most barbaric terrorist attack ever witnessed in human history.By now every intellectual in the world knows exactly which religion originated the bloody ,hateful ideology of terrorism of the present time.

The opening ceremony brought tears to every body’s eyes.The 3000 victims families saw the spirits of their beloved ones set free forever.These victims are honored today and will be remembered forever .The power of evil and darkness will be defeated always.The eternal flame and light beams freedom will remind us of the horror we lived when 18 Saudis and 1 Egyptian terrorists carried out the savage crime humans ever known.

September 11,2001 terrorist attack is an absolute proof that the religion of hate,revenge and rage taught theses thugs the fundamental belief of radicalism to annihilate the freedom lovers in the world.Our faith in almighty God, the true Lord of justice,love and light will always protect the lands of liberty.

We ought to stand united to protect our future generation from this venomous epidemic of outrage and hate that want to spread in the world by using bloody barbaric terrorism.Jalal Michael Sabbagh.

Essencial Reality ! / Healing Prayer ! / Annihilating Prayer.

IF YOU DON’T CARE WHO HATES YOU,AT LEAST KNOW WHY HE HATES YOU ? I HOPE YOU WILL INVEST 5 MINUTES TO READ THE POST TO KNOW W H Y ?? While l was in Paris an Algerian – French older man , Ahmed Abdulla asked me ,why peace in the Middle-East between Arabs and Jews is impossible if its not an Illusion.? Why all attempts for peace since camp David accord of 1978(while Jimmy Carter was the President) failed catastrophically ?

Mr.Ahmed,when over 4 billion Christians ,Jews, Hindus and Buddhists pray,they pray for peace,reconciliation ,for God’s grace and goodness.When you pray with your brothers and sisters all over the earth so many times every day,you curse,condemn and despise the infidels.Your hearts and minds are Saturated since childhood with hate towards the Christians and Jews.You want to annihilate them from existence.You threat,intimidate or kill whoever tries to expose the reality of your deceiving doctrine .How do you expect THIS peace,when your preachers and leaders entice mobs, thugs and recruit them to become suicide bombers to kill innocent babies and children.Hating the infidels is the core of your belief.Since 9/11/2001 the world is not the same.As long you think you are the only
believer and the rest of the world are Blasphemers there won’t be peace. ((l think every decent person who respects life and loves freedom knows this R e a l i t y .Jalal Michael Sabbagh.

Love And Kisses Before The Bread ! / Essence Of Life! / Purity.

Love and kisses are the essential food ,
To nourish body,soul and to extend life.
A person not on bread alone can be alive .
But on words of kindness he does thrive.

The waves of the oceans kisses the shores,
Like a lion ,when he is satisfied loudly roars.

An Orchestra ,to play a symphony needs a fife,
A fisherman to catch fishes he needs a sail.

But a prophet should never need a wife.
He ought to be pure,holy,fair and rife.
Not to promote deceit,lust and genocides,
Entices hate,anger with the sword and knife

A prophet ought to be a humble messenger ,
Of peace,equality,justice and h a r m o n y .
Not to hail for war,division and empty pride,
Delusions,hypocrisy and bloody s t r i f e .

((Multitudes have fallen by the sword,but not as many who were fallen by a deceitful t o n g u e ))Jalal Michael Sabbagh.