Interior Plastic Surgery ! / Natural Beauty.

There are those who desperately have an

Exterior plastic surgery.Having face lift,

Or having corrective beautifying surgery.

They do it for a million reason they invent.

Also there are those who need interior ,

Plastic surgery to reconstruct their,

Hearts and minds to beautify them.

To alter their hate and envy to become,

Love , Kindness, gentleness and decency.

To sever those cells that contain inhuman

Feelings , selfishness and bitter resentment.

The world is in dire need for brilliant surgeons ,

To Change those who thrive on people’s misery.

Jalal Michael

Essencial Reality ! / Healing Prayer ! / Annihilating Prayer.

IF YOU DON’T CARE WHO HATES YOU,AT LEAST KNOW WHY HE HATES YOU ? I HOPE YOU WILL INVEST 5 MINUTES TO READ THE POST TO KNOW W H Y ?? While l was in Paris an Algerian – French older man , Ahmed Abdulla asked me ,why peace in the Middle-East between Arabs and Jews is impossible if its not an Illusion.? Why all attempts for peace since camp David accord of 1978(while Jimmy Carter was the President) failed catastrophically ?

Mr.Ahmed,when over 4 billion Christians ,Jews, Hindus and Buddhists pray,they pray for peace,reconciliation ,for God’s grace and goodness.When you pray with your brothers and sisters all over the earth so many times every day,you curse,condemn and despise the infidels.Your hearts and minds are Saturated since childhood with hate towards the Christians and Jews.You want to annihilate them from existence.You threat,intimidate or kill whoever tries to expose the reality of your deceiving doctrine .How do you expect THIS peace,when your preachers and leaders entice mobs, thugs and recruit them to become suicide bombers to kill innocent babies and children.Hating the infidels is the core of your belief.Since 9/11/2001 the world is not the same.As long you think you are the only
believer and the rest of the world are Blasphemers there won’t be peace. ((l think every decent person who respects life and loves freedom knows this R e a l i t y .Jalal Michael Sabbagh.

Love And Kisses Before The Bread ! / False Prophet .


Love and kisses are the  essential food,

to nourish the soul to extend the life.

A person doesn’t on bread alone can be alive,

But on words of kindness he does thrive.

The waves of the ocean kiss the shores;

like a lion ,when he is satisfied he roars.

An Orchestra ,to play a Symphony it needs a Fife,

A Fisherman ,to catch fishes he needs a sail .

But a prophet should never need a wife’,

He ought to be pure ,holy and rife.

Not to promote deceit,lust and killing,

With hate,anger,sword and the knife.

A prophet ought be a messenger of’

peace,equality,justice and harmony .

Not to hail war,division,empty pride,

Delusions and bloody strife.


((Many people have fallen by the edge of the sword and knife,but not as many who were fallen by a  deceitful tongue.).

((It is not what we say,the problem is how we say it….Jalal…

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