Beautiful Virtue !

” My friend “, don’t say my ancestors were great people.Tell me where are you at now? What is the legacy that you are going to leave behind ? What have you achieved ? If you don’t Mind !

(( It’s a beautiful virtue to admit the truth and not to hide behind a feeble excuses.Jalal Michael Sabbagh.

The Saddest T r a g e d y ! / The Ultimate Hope .

” The saddest tragedy of the modern societies in our time is that the majority of people know more about their favorite movie star,designer,chef,singer,athlete,and car than they know about Christ Jesus”.

((l hope sincerely that people will soon discover who Jesus Christ is before its too late.jalal Michael Sabbagh. ))

Love Story ! / Apologize .

One of the greatest movies of the 1970’s was “Love Story”It was a huge hit and massive box office success.It won three Golden Globes Prizes and the Academy Award.Watching the movie gives the viewer an immense sense of romance.But there was one flaw in the story. It was the most famous line in the script which proclaims .”Love means never having to say sorry.” Any relation between friends ,lovers ,wife and husband and between family members without having to apologize to each other when its very crucial its not a fruitful relationship.Because love demands sacrifices.((Jalal Michael Sabbagh.