Petite Love ! Young at heart.

Oh my adorable petite love don’t tremble

Don’t be scared,l beg you don’t cry.

Don’t be anxious ,don’t hasten your fate,

l implore you for the sake of the heavenly sky.

My young love listen to me don’t ask why?

The love vessel will come,believe me ,it’s near by.

Be joyful my little girl, you are more precious ‘

To me than all the treasures even my eye.

You crown my heart whether you are far or nigh.

Rest assure ,be at ease ,smile ,dance don’t be shy.

Definitely tomorrow will bring  a new day,

with hope even the impossible you can defy.

Waiting  for dreams to come true is hard to bear,

Please be patient ,don’t rush ,reprieve.

Don’t deluge in your crowding thoughts’

You know they  penetrate my heart like a spear.

Sailing  in deep ocean of love  is  unpredictable risk,

Hold tied to our hope don’t let it die.

The waves are made of sorrow and tears,

They cut through the veins  like a shear.

love enchants the body and soul,

it makes  you  believe  that you can fly.

You can even touch  heavens if you just try.

My little girl don’t ever be sad,

Your boat will arrive to the shore,

your worries will be fad,

Shout high that you are  heartily  glad.

(  Lucky are those who taste  the  sweetness of   love , for love is the most  joyous feeling  of all.jalal Michael Sabbagh.

(From my published book the” Silence ” , a collection of thoughts , poems and memories of the earthly life’s  journey )