America ,The Land Of The Free And The Home Of The Brave..(Please Read and Share)

1 ) My wife and l immigrated to America in the seventies .We wanted our children to grow up free and to give them the freedom we were deprived in our country.We wanted them to have the opportunity to achieve their dream .Thanks God They did..

2 ) We never though we will see these days , Americans attacking each other, fighting each other . Americans were united on 9 /11/ 2001 , every one of us errected the American flag in his front yard.Nowdays the many are siding with the enemy .

3 ) Millions of people all over the world standing in front of the American Embassies , days and nights, summer , winter for  months and even for years to get the American Visa to come to America.America the greatest country in the world , the envy of the whole world. America the Land of freedom , Justice , equality , opportunities, , kindness ,Charity .America  created Face book, Google, Twettir , Amazon and Apple to bring the whole world toghether  .Millions are striving to come to study in American Universities .America the Home of Edison , Ford, Bill Gates and John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. .

4 ) There are those who want to see  America divided , they Want to see Americans Fighting each other .Racism was dead, hate was dead,   Today The same people resurrecting Racism and hate  to serve evil people and their evil plans for America.

Please let us Pray for unity for the sake of Our Gracious America.God Bless you .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh. Mysuccessisyoursuccess.





Unique Media ! / Blogging Is Building Bridges.

Blogging is also about other important matters.Its not only about posting a photo,a poem,a book review,a fashion trend or a vacation.All these issues are essential tools to reach out ,to communicate,to reflect an opinion or express passion and beautiful feelings.

The other side of blogging is to convey a message,explore a new horizon,share human triumphs and tragedies. Today,blogging has a great rule ,first and foremost building new bridges between people, build unique friendships,discover new cultures and explore world affairs. Blogging is to get involves in politics ,to encourage the others and to be provocative to write about domestic violence,extremism, social disease ,destructive ideologies and unfairness.

The world is changing and opportunities are passing by ,if people don’t catch up with the train of opportunity it will leave the station and won’t stop again.Blogging is about protecting our children and grand children,our freedom,to motivate the dreamers to reach for the stars. J.M.Sabbagh-http://mysuccessisyoursuccess

A m e r i c a T h e C o m p a s s i o n a t e .

America is loved by those who appreciate her kindness and compassion.America is great country for her Graciousness ,Generosity and Freedom.

Precious Freedom ! / As Life Itself ! / Thanksgiving.

On this thanksgiving day we should be thankful for being the luckiest people on the face of this planet.Because we are enjoying our unique freedom in this gracious , beautiful and blessed America.People around the world who are oppressed are striving and dreaming to have 1% of the freedom we have .The saddest thing is the many take this freedom for granted. Millions upon millions are seeking to come to America ,they have to wait five years or longer to be eligible to obtain an emigrant visa.We have to be grateful for our service men and women our real heroes and heroines who protect our freedom.They deserve our gratitude every day.May the Lord bless America and those who truly L o v e A m e r i c a .H a p p y T h a n k s g i v i n g . Jalal Michael Sabbagh.