Magnitude Of Love And Unity ! / Sept.11,Forever In Our Hearts And Minds.

Today ,September 11,2015 on this 14th.anniversary of the inhuman terrorist attack on New York.

We celebrate our triumph as American despite our diverse thinking , believes and ideology.

We remember the victims and their families their names are engraved  in our very beings.

We remember our brave heroes and heroines ,the fire fighters and the police men

And women who gave the ultimate sacrifice to save the others.

We celebrate life ,we celebrate our love for this great America the land of the free and the home of the brave.

The Islamic terrorism celebrates death and poisonous hate.18 Saudis and 1 Egyptian terrorists committed the crime of the century ,financed with Saudi money.

They lost their credibility as peaceful religion .This Islamic extremism  and  hatefulness gave birth to the atrocious  Islamic state .

This Islamic extremism,today, forcing millions of helpless people to flee their countries and become refugees all over the world.

When will The United Nation’s  absent conscience awake ? When will world’s politicians realize that Islamic extremism is threatening the very existence of mankind ?

God Bless America the Gracious.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-