2017 ! / Is Seeing Is Believing ? /Tangible .

Graciousness,trust,kindness,love,and forgiveness are intangible things.They can’t be given as a gift .They can’t be purchased at any store , through the internet or TV shopping channels .The world with it’s advanced technology can’t produce trust, pull kindness or love from a computer program.As humans ,we are with limited ability ,we can’t perceive God’s infinite wisdom ,we can’t see his love and compassion for us.Haven can’t be bought by anyone and then handed over to another as a gift.Can we see our souls or our conscience?Yet they are ours.I hope every person will search within himself and renew his promises to himself to be the best version of himself. Have happy and prosperous new 2014 and may every hope come true.((Jalal Michael Sabbagh.))

The P r e s e n t ! / A Reflection Of The Past .

Try to make the present time honorable because soon it will become your Past.


These  humble  thoughts   are  a passage  from my published book ((  the Silence  )) . Its undisputed reality that our Present time will become our PAST with every passing moment.Can it (the present) be enhanced with humaneness, real substance , delightful memories , forgiveness , laughter, patience , gratitude , humility , thoughtfulness, love , courage , generosity , sincerity , and self edification ? otherwise regrets , blame, self pity sorrow won’t do any good to correct or to revise the faults or change the inevitable fate , because the train already passed by.

(  Your present will become your past try to make it honorable , let it  shine  like a morning star. ) e.mail jmsabbagh86@gmail.com–Website.Http://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com

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2012 THE YEAR OF THE BIBLE !/ Mythical existence.

Pennsylvania State announced that 2012 is the year of the Holy Bible. the atheists are suing the State of Pennsylvania for this proclamation.they have the audacity and the rights to call themselves atheists, but others have no rights to be the Christians and live their Beliefs? What is your massage? What are you afraid of? Are you afraid of the truth or do you want to deny the truth, which apparently you don’t know? You call yourselves being atheists freely because you are living in a civilized country. The first Amendment protects your civil right to believe and to say what is on your mind . You are minority , people who believe in the living GOD are the majority . You live a fantasy in your mythical world., of big bang and Darwin is the father of deception who lead the naive astray.

God is the lord of Love ,mercy compassion, forgiveness , who loved the world  and paid the price on the cross to guide us to eternal life. God bless those who did not see him but yet they believed.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com