Lovely Blog Award.

I can’t find the right words in my vocabulary to thank Steven(haijin Amin) for awarding me the lovely blog award. l wish every blogger , happiness and success.

Here are seven aspects about my life and the list of the 15 blogger ( nominees) l nominate  for the award.

1-l wrote my fist short novel when l was 17

2-l try to treat people as l want them to treat me.WE are different as nations but we are alike as humans.

3-l published my first  book(THE SILENCE) in 1995.In two version  English and Arabic.Abut my life journey.

4-l attended ,Baghdad university, De Paul university and Cal Poly university.

5-l speak Arabic,English,German,Turkish and Armenian

6-l love music and traveling. l play The Middle-Eastern musical instrument (OUD)

7-l was born in Iraq ,l immigrated to the United States in 1971,the greatest country in our world

Here are the 15 Blogger l nominate for this award.

1-Petre 41

2-Rheath 40

3-The tale of my heart

4-Michelle Willerton


6-Ayanna Nahiams

7-Free Tag Zone



10-Eternity Oness


12 -Jemmy Farmer

13-Hans Susser

14-Kotev 1000


Happy blogging and best regards.(website.