” Without Hope Life ceases ” ! / Morals . / Thrive.

This splendid quote by the brilliant Russian author and spiritual messenger Fyodor Dostoyvsky (1821-1881)summing the essence of life’s purpose.His most intellectual books which he wrote during the span of his existence are.(1) Crime and punishment.(2) The brothers Karamozov.(3) Idiot.Truly dealing with human’s mental anguish and morals.He wanted to direct the readers to live a life of transparency even to become utopians. To treat each other with clear conscious . The German philosopher Fredrich Nietzsche and the French philosopher Jean-Paul-Satre followed the same path of Fyodor’s to lead people to a truthful life.Their books were centered on bringing honesty and faithfulness to the gift of life not to hurt but to help and heal.These thinkers consider H o p e is the drive to achieve a happy and successful life.Jalal Michael Sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com

NOTHING IS YOURS.(Reevaluate yourself) !

Why the wealthy individuals boast about their millions or billions or about living in a grandiose palaces, magnificent mansions on top of the hill or even on private islands, I will never understand?
You could be one of them in our fragile world. The truth is that nothing is yours. The beautiful aspects in our lives are diminishing. Love, kindness, faithfulness, passion, and tolerance-they are becoming endangered species. They are being replaced by hate, envy, selfishness, greed, and enmity between brothers and sisters; between fathers and sons; between mothers and daughters.
Money can’t buy you one minute of happiness; it can’t extend one’s life even one second. Money might buy your way out of trouble and it could even make you invisible. But on who’s account? The poor you took advantage of or the orphan whom you denied his rights. Every thing in this world has a finale, whether it is government, empires, friendship- even life itself. Every thing will cease. Tomorrow or the day after when you take your last breath- have you rented a U-HAUL to carry your riches with you?¬†When a person strips himself from his humanity he becomes insignificant being, especially if he reaps where he never saw and still expects mercy while he denies mercy to others. Man should remind himself that corruption and decay await him. This is the truth and there is no other truth. When was the last time you called your parents?When was the last time you visited your brother? It is time to re-evaluate yourself BECAUSE REGRETS IN THE NETHER WORLD WILL DO NO GOOD. Remember you came to this world with nothing and you will leave it the same way. GOD BLESS AMERICA.(Happiness awaits those who suffer the most..jalal michael sabbagh) E.mail.jmsabbagh86@gmail.com.