Is Old Age Our Future ?

Is old age our definite future ?

Is it our fate and our end ?

No,its the present that we ought to live.

Not the future ,not even the past.

For there is no one can predict,

Not even a single minute or a second ,

Not even what an eye blink can hold.

A fact the many intend to forget.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

Forever Love ! / The Essence.

Whether you are far or next to me ,

l think of you my ecstasy.

With every beat of my heart,

With every blink of my eyes.

With every breath l take ,

With every thought crosses my mind.

With every move l make day and night.

l give you my past, present,the future at sight

For you ,my life l will sacrifice.

take me as you wish to do.

Transform me to yourself.

Melt me,mold me at your will

l accept my fate,what ever you decide.

As long l am with you, I am content l am satisfied.

((Lucky are those who find love,for springs of goodness flow from their H e a r t s .Jalal Michael Sabbagh.