No More Waiting !/ Hallelujah.

Christmas is the greatest , mystery , miracle and the event in our history.

The Spring of happiness overwhelms every heart without end.

Christmas ,the Lord is born He brings good tidings ,we are saved.

Hallelujah ,no more despair ,no more unknown wait.

The almighty God,the everlasting father, the prince of peace is in our midst.

Christmas is the new beginning ,the joy of timeless hope.

Christmas is the triumph over sin and over death.

The blind can see,the oppressed is set free.

Christmas is the blessings we share with families and friends.

The Smiles on children faces,that manifests God ‘s love for mankind.

The Lord of Lords humbled himself  to serve and to save everyone.

Christmas is the excitement in every ,home,shop and street.

(( Frohliche – Felize  – Joyeux –  Bone – Maligayang -Merry Christmas to everyone.))

Jalal Micgael Sabbagh-